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Amazing collages, 16 May 2010

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Laurent Binet is a self-taught collage maker. This work requires attention to details, patience, and concentration before a piece of art is considered to be completed. With Laurent Binet’s artwork we travel through a surrealistic world surrounded by floating objects with moving shapes in a intimate and oniric way and where time disappears.
Playing with photographic objects used in his collages, Laurent Binet transmits us elements of his spiritual and initiatic journey. His paintings are fine and bright reflecting outlines of an abstract and parallel world bringing out a large serenity. In 1983 Laurent Binet sets up in Toulouse and starts showing his work in the early nineties in France and Spain. Although Laurent Binet makes us look at his collages as a transposition of an oniric world through a philosophic approach, he gradually changes
medium for a different one based mostly on ink.
He originally met somebody special before this
evolution happened.

In 1996 he pays attention to the American dancer Carolyn Carlson‘s choreographies. Both fascinated by their view of movement they start exchanging about each other’s work. A few years later Carolyn Carlson is invited to one of Laurent Binet’s shows in Paris and she later asks him to attend a master class in her workshop letting him making collages during the class.
Later on Laurent Binet gives up characters and landscapes to bring in more bold lines and material and his need to express an emotional movement of dancing drives him to use other approaches. Ink becomes his main medium in order to give the closest study of movement without going through any thought filter. This will to go in the depth of the movement’s emotion, of direct feeling, this need to seize the moment, the instant is found fully satisfied and so do we…

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Laurent Binet


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